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Dew Point Demand System Option

Energy conservation has always been a strong design

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The Dew Point Demand System measures the dew point of the outlet air, overriding the timer, eliminating unnecessary switching of towers resulting in considerable savings through reduction of regeneration cost. Additional savings can be realized with this system by reducing wear on component parts, as well as extending the life of desiccant.


The SAHARA Dew Point Demand System utilizes a state-of-the-art moisture transmitter to accurately measure the actual PRESSURE DEW POINT the dryer is delivering at all times. The instrument reads directly to the PLC and is displayed on the PanelView screen, which constantly keeps you informed of dryer performance. An adjustable set point allows you to set the precise dew point for tower switching. Tower switching can be activated anywhere within the broad range of -100°C to +30°C (-148°F to +86°F). Unless otherwise requested, it is factory preset at -20°F.


The system comes standard with a 4-20 mA output, which can be connected to a chart recorder. Alarm contacts are also provided as standard for audio and visual warning of high dew point condition.


Featuring the SAHARA Moisture Transmitter (SMT)



Designed for desiccant regenerative air dryers, the Sahara Moisture Transmitter (SMT) provides a simple, accurate, and highly reliable solution for either dew point temperature or moisture measurement.

182-B - SMT Specification Sheet

Improve Product Efficiency and Performance


The SMT can be used to significantly improve the energy and efficiency of regenerative gas dryer systems. By monitoring the dryer outlet moisture content, desiccant bed regeneration can be initiated on demand, rather than on a timed cycle. This process has resulted in improved performance and significant savings in energy costs. In addition, the SMT can be used to monitor overall dryer operations, determine regular maintenance intervals, and detect faulty operation.


Advanced Moisture Sensor Technology


The SMT combines a technologically advanced aluminum oxide moisture sensor with state-of-the-art software and electronics for unequaled overall performance.


NIST-Traceable Calibration


Superior sensitivity, speed of response, calibration stability, and wide dynamic range have made aluminum oxide moisture probes the standard of performance and value in industrial moisture measurement. They are suitable for laboratory and industrial moisture measurement applications in gases and non-aqueous liquids over a wide range of process conditions. All moisture probe calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


Installation Flexibility


This rugged, compact transmitter is designed specifically for installations where space is at a premium. It should be installed in the sample system provided, but can be installed directly in the process stream.


Specification Sheet available in PDF format:

       Ref. 182 - Sahara Moisture Transmitter