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DDT-504 Automatic Dual Drain Trap

Provides Sahara's Compressed Air Dryer System with:


Reliable Corrosive Defense
Liquid Water Prevention
Two Traps in One
Improves Total System Performance
DDT-504 Automatic Dual Drain Trap

Drain Trap Brochure available:

       Ref. 026-Rev1 - Drain Trap Brochure

A drain trap's job is to prevent liquid water, collected from wet compressed air, from invading the compressed air system. It is the system's last line of defense against the corrosive effects of moisture.


Most conventional drain traps suffer two main drawbacks: lack of reliability and no alarm or back-up in case of failure. Some try to solve these problems with a timer. This solution only works depending on the accuracy of the timing cycle to account for different moisture levels caused by fluctuations in the system's air flow, temperatures, pressures, and other factors. Since these fluctuations cannot be predicted, the timer-operated trap usually ends up either wasting compressed air or causing a water back-up into the system.

The Right Solution to an Old Problem...



...the DDT-504


DDT-504 Side View Drawing

• Fail-safe drain trap developed by Sahara Air Products


• Most reliable drain trap available


• Consists of two separate traps; a primary and a secondary


• Alarm in PLC, if primary drain fails


• Secondary drain continues to operate until primary drain is repaired


Improves Total System Performance


Designed by Sahara Air Products, our DDT-504 dual drain trap design is two traps in one. It takes the guesswork out of reliable draining by using a no air loss primary drain trap, a secondary back-up trap, and a primary drain failure alarm.

DDT-504 Drain Trap

The primary trap features a see-through resin reservoir and mechanical float. Draining is accomplished by a full port ½" NPT ball valve that virtually eliminates clogging. Included is a magnetic switch that actuates the ball valve and a test push button. This simple and inexpensive component is capable of providing several years of trouble-free service. If the primary drain were to fail, water will back-up until it reaches a high level alarm switch which will send an electrical signal to a solenoid valve. The solenoid valve actuates a large two-way ball valve which, when open, drains the entire trap. As the level drops, the two-way valve closes. Additionally, a primary drain failure alarm on the PLC is activated every time the second float chamber is forced to operate. The primary trap may be isolated from the secondary and removed for cleaning without shutting down the air system.


Since the DDT-504 drains only water, and not air, it improves total system performance.


Its reliability and diagnostics can indeed provide true peace of mind.