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Exhaust Purge Air Dryer

An Energy Saver!



The Sahara Exhaust Purge air dryers are simple and efficient. They are the safest and most trouble-free of any heat reactivated regenerative-type dryer.


The Exhaust Purge (EP) is a twin tower dryer that delivers dry air with a -40°F pressure dew point; a dew point lower than that required by the Instrument Society of America. Its conservative design was developed for optimal energy savings with roughly twice the amount of desiccant required to dry air at full design waterload. This assures you of years of superior performance before desiccant aging makes desiccant replacement necessary. Additionally, the optional Dew Point Demand System optimizes the dryer’s energy-saving design, thereby significantly reducing operating costs.


The Exhaust Purge design stresses safety and reliability. By using an external heater, the EP dryer eliminates the problems associated with internal heat-reactivated dryers. The externally mounted heater is not in contact with the desiccant, which increases desiccant life. In addition, the inconel-sheathed heater is derated to 14 watts per square inch, virtually eliminating the possibility of heater burnout. The heater is controlled by a dual set point indicating temperature controller. Additional protection is provided by a separate thermostat located in the cold zone of the heater.


By using these backup systems, Sahara eliminates the possibility of heater burnout and, more importantly, safeguards against a catastrophic heater fire.


The operating cost of the Exhaust Purge is determined by the purge air loss and the electricity used by the heaters. For more about determining the operating cost of the EP, reference Part 7 of our "Economics of Air Drying" article.


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