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Sahara Air Products

Sahara-Pak Heat-of-Compression Air Dryer

Unique, energy-saving design


developed and patented by Sahara Air Products

Heat-of-Compression Dryer Patent

The result of nearly 10 years of development work by Henderson Engineering Co., Inc., the SAHARA-PAK heat-of-compression air dryer is considered by many industry observers to be the most significant development ever made in the design of equipment for drying compressed air. In 1974, Sahara patented the heat-of-compression dryer design.

It is the only air dryer ever to win an independently judged design award. In 1978, we received Chemical Processing magazine’s Vaaler Award, and in 1981, we received Chemical Equipment magazine’s Energy Award. No other dryer design or dryer manufacturer has won an award for a dryer design.

We call it the SAHARA-PAK, because it's a complete package; an aftercooler and dryer, specifically designed to function at peak efficiency. An important energy-saving design feature of the SAHARA-PAK is the repositioned aftercooler. In order to economically use the heat-of-compression, the hot air goes directly into the regenerating tower, and then to the aftercooler, eliminating the cost of drying air.


By utilizing the normally wasted heat-of-compression to regenerate, the SAHARA-PAK does not lose any compressed air and requires no electricity for either heaters or blowers. The only power required is approximately 27 watts, which operates the timer and solenoid valves; about the same amount of electricity that is used by an ordinary light bulb!


The SAHARA-PAK is one of the simplest, most trouble-free type of dryers to operate and, because of its energy-saving design, has become extremely popular. The major limitation of this dryer is that it must be located near the compressor and is, therefore, not suitable for point-of-use applications. Also, the compressor must be oil-free.


The SAHARA-PAK comes in two designs;

the SP model and the HC model.


The SP model is the simplest Sahara dryer and has the lowest initial cost. The SP design is considered to be an instrument air dryer in that it delivers air in accordance with the requirements of the Instrument Society of America.


The HC model provides a constant dew point without temperature or dew point bumps. The HC design is more complex and includes a cooling and stripping cycle, but delivers the highest performance of any air dryer.


To learn about the operating cost of the SAHARA-PAK, reference Part 10 of our "Economics of Air Drying" article.


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