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Sahara-Pak Heat-of-Compression Air Dryer

Two Sahara-Pak designs


allow you to choose


which dryer best fits your needs



  • Cuts operating costs to near zero by using the heat-of-compression for regeneration.
  • Regenerated with “free” heat produced by your compressor.Eliminates costly installation charges; all components are pre-piped and pre-wired.
  • Minimizes potential for wear and mechanical failure.
  • Lower initial cost than other regenerative dryer designs.
  • Lower operating costs vs. performance for all regenerative dryers.
  • Available in capacities from 125 SCFM to 50,000 SCFM.
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SP Model Features


  • Averages less than $10 per year total electrical cost; there are no heaters or blowers to consume electricity and there is no purge air loss.
  • Delivers pressure dew points in the 0°F to -60°F range, depending on your operating conditions.
  • Consumes none of your valuable dry air.

HC Model Features


  • Includes stripping and cooling cycle for optimum performance.
  • Delivers pressure dew points in the -40°F to -100°F pressure dew point, depending on your operating conditions.
  • Can be equipped to provide -40°F dew points or lower, under every possible scenario, including operation of rental compressors.

Exceptional Dew Points


The HC design has the ability to provide extremely low, constant dew points. Like most other heated dryers, the SP has a brief increase in outlet temperature and dew point at tower shift. While this is acceptable for most applications, there are applications for continuous low dew points; the kind of performance provided by the HC design. Because of its stripping and cooling cycle, the HC is capable of providing year round dew points below -40°F.


Low Pressure Drop


With any heat-of-compression dryer, the air flow goes through both towers. This means higher pressure drop when compared to conventional heated or heatless dryers where the process air only goes into one tower. At Sahara, we recognize that pressure drop is a serious concern and a real cost, thus we have designed our dryers to absolutely minimize pressure drop. All valves are full flow design. We use the minimum amount of elbows and pipe and have designed a complete system that compares very favorable to any other type of dryer.


A Complete System


Any Sahara heat-of-compression dryer is available as a fully packaged, complete system. All drying systems require an aftercooler, separator, traps, and afterfilter. We can provide all of these components integrally mounted on the dryer skid, even including block and bypass valves. This simplifies and minimizes your installed costs. Our complete system saves valuable floor space and can even be installed outside.


Rugged Construction


We probably don’t have to build them this good, but you’ll be glad we do. We provide you with a unique feature on our dryer that can make a big difference in your maintenance people’s time down the road. Where necessary, when valves are mounted between towers, instead of welding both towers to the structural steel base, we weld one and BOLT the other tower. This makes maintenance much easier; if you ever have to pull a valve, you grab a wrench, not a torch. We use rigid tubing that is supported throughout the dryer by a system of tubing holders, making everything rigid and leaktight. All components are braced and well supported, so you don’t have to worry.


Peace of Mind


Every dryer undergoes a complete mechanical test. All fittings are leak tested. The dryer is connected electrically and all functions are completely tested, including all alarms. Every valve is cycled. When we ship your dryer, you can rest assured that it has passed our rigorous quality control inspection.


Heatless Mode of Operation


The HC has a heatless mode of operation. If, for example, your primary compressor fails and you bring in portable rentals, the rentals typically include integral aftercoolers. This makes conventional heat-of-compression dryers unusable. With the heatless mode of operation, your HC dryer can continue to deliver low dew points, even with oil-free portable compressors.


Booster Heater Option for Ultimate Performance


The HC basic design may be enhanced with a unique option. We can install a small booster heater in the stripping line. If the discharge temperature from your compressor is too low for adequate regeneration, we can supercharge regeneration by increasing the temperature of the stripping air. This assures performance under any set of conditions.




The SP design fully uses all of the normally wasted energy from your compressor to regenerate its desiccant. The final outlet dew point is determined by the dew point and temperature of the regeneration air and the temperature of the air entering the drying tower. Typically, dew points will vary summer to winter; however, the average outlet dew point meets the standards for instrument quality air as specified by ISA. Your Sahara engineer has a computer program that takes into account the variables at your location and will indicate the anticipated dew points.




The single most important question facing any buyer is “Does this work?” The answer is a resounding “YES”. The SP is the world’s simplest, most reliable regenerative dryer. There are only 8 valves, all of them high performance 2-way valves designed for years of trouble-free operation.


Energy Savings


The SP is the most energy efficient regenerative dryer available. It doesn’t lose any compressed air; it doesn’t have any heaters or blowers. The only operating cost is the electricity needed to operate the electrical controls; less than 24 watts, less than a light bulb. The operating cost is the same, regardless of dryer size; thus, a 10,000 SCFM SP dryer costs less than $10 per year to operate. You want an edge to compete in the global economy? How about getting instrument quality air for next to nothing.


Valves That Work


Valves 3” and larger are high performance butterfly valves. A patented axially pliant seat flexes against the sealing edge of the disc, when the valve is closed. This design assures a bubble tight shutoff. Made of PTFE with a unique pliant membrane, the be-directional, self and pressure activated seat returns to its original shape with every opening of the valve because the pliant membrane causes constant restorative forces to act on the seat member. The eccentrically mounted disc is offset for an uninterrupted, 360° seal. Valves are actuated by a rotary actuator that also indicates valve position. Valves are equipped with controls to prevent dead-heading centrifugal compressors.




Sahara heat-of-compression dryers, both the SP and the HC designs, provide you with total flexibility. You may install either unit with a multitude of compressors. A single dryer can be manifolded with a variety of compressors. You can operate centrifugal, oil-free rotary screw, and oil-free reciprocating compressors in any combination with a single Sahara dryer.




Maintenance and trouble-shooting are very simple and can be easily performed by your maintenance personnel or with the assistance of a local Sahara service technician. Because there are very few moving parts, there is very little to fail. Annual preventative maintenance can be performed with a minimum of downtime.


PLC Control


The PLC control system, for both the SP and HC dryers, is a programmable controller with a touch screen display. The PLC controls all operations of the dryer automatically, integrating with the optional Dew Point Demand System to provide the ultimate in user friendly controls. The DPDS indicates the exact outlet dew point of the dryer at all times and allows the dryer to shift towers on dew point, rather than time.