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HP Deliquescent Air Dryer

The only complete deliquescent air treatment system


available for drying compressed air & gases



The Sahara HP deliquescent air dryer will substantially reduce the maintenance required by tools, cylinders, valves and gauges...cutting downtime to a minimum and allowing reduction of replacement parts stock. Properly located, the HP deliquescent air dryer will eliminate freeze-ups and breakdowns due to corrosive damage or oil varnish build-up. The dryer itself requires a minimum of maintenance. The addition of ultra hygroscopic Mity-Dry desiccant two or three times a year and daily draining is all that's required. The dryer will eliminate the need for all routine upkeep on all the old water removal methods, droplegs, filters, separators, etc., you may own.


The Sahara HP deliquescent air dryer is a welded steel pressure vessel constructed to ASME specifications, fully inspected, and hydrostatically pressure tested. Every vessel is registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. They are protectively coated inside and out for long, dependable service. The interior surfaces are protected by a corrosion inhibitive primer and a tough epoxy finish coat.


It's designed to force the compressed air to flow down to the bottom of the vessel, then up through a bed of Mity-Dry desiccant. This 180° change of direction, coupled with the drop in velocity of the air, serves to lose the larger droplets of water, oil and larger solids.


Mity-Dry desiccant is a patented polychemical ultra hygroscopic agent. It is non-volatile and requires no regeneration. The moisture, oil and bacteria combines with Mity-Dry to form a water, oil, desiccant solution that falls harmlessly to the bottom of the dryer and is drained away. Mity-Dry has two distinct advantages over other hygroscopic desiccants:


  • It lasts longer and is more effective due to more compact tablets formed at higher pressures.
  • It contains special inhibitors to prevent rusting and pitting of iron pipes and tanks and prevents alkali corrosion of tin and aluminum.
Mity-Dry Desiccant

Model HP Information

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This superb action of Mity-Dry combined with the Sahara prefilter will provide unexcelled, maximum protection.


The only cost of operation for the deliquescent dryer is the replacement desiccant. Since the desiccant slowly dissolves while drying the air, you need to add more desiccant to the dryer every few months. The cost of the desiccant is inexpensive and because you only need add to the dryer as you use air, the overall cost of operation is the lowest of any type dryer. For more information about the operation of the HP, reference Part 2 of our "Economics of Air Drying" article.

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