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Blower Purge Air Dryer


The SAHARA Blower Purge air dryer is a type of heat-reactivated dryer. Typically used for drying large volumes of compressed air, when you don't want to lose any compressed air, and are among the most economical dryers to operate.

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Exhaust Purge Air Dryer


An energy saver, the SAHARA Exhaust Purge air dryers are simple and efficient. They are the safest and most trouble-free of any heat reactivated regenerative-type dryer. Its conservative design was developed for optimal energy savings with roughly twice the amount of desiccant required to dry air at full design waterload.

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Heat-of-Compression Air Dryers


The result of nearly 10 years of development work by Henderson Engineering Co., Inc., the SAHARA-PAK heat-of-compression air dryer is considered by many industry observers to be the most significant development ever made in the design of equipment for drying compressed air. In 1974, Sahara patented the heat-of-compression dryer design.

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HP Deliquescent Air Dryer


The only complete deliquescent air treatment system available for drying compressed air and gases, the Sahara HP deliquescent air dryer will substantially reduce the maintenance required by tools, cylinders, valves and gauges...cutting downtime to a minimum and allowing reduction of replacement parts stock.


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T Series Heatless Air Dryer


SAHARA's T Series Heatless Regenerative air dryer is the most reliable dryer ever built. Since this unit requires neither heaters nor blowers, it is inherently more trouble-free than any heat-reactivated dryer.


Sahara Moisture Transmitter


The SAHARA Dew Point Demand System utilizes a state-of-the-art moisture transmitter to accurately measure the actual PRESSURE DEW POINT the dryer is delivering at all times. The instrument reads directly to the PLC and is displayed on the PanelView screen, which constantly keeps you informed of dryer performance.

182-B - SMT Specification Sheet

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PDF Literature

     A Primer for Air Dryer Selection


Some knowledge of the reason water vapor condenses easily in compressed air systems is helpful before investigating the different types of available air dryers.

A Primer for Air Dryer Selection Brochure


Dryer Performance


 Let’s take a look at various types of dryers and answer some common questions about dryer performance.

033 - Knowledge cover


Economics of Air Drying


Presented in a 10-part series, this informative article takes a look at wet compressed air and how various types of dryers function to dry the air.

Economics of Air Drying Brochure Cover


What A Regenerative Dryer Is and How It Works


To find out more about how a regenerative dryer works and which model would be best for your needs, we have provided a Regenerative Air Dryer Presentation for your convenience.

Regenerative Air Dryer Presentation

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