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Separators: Sahara's Unique Design

Sahara Air Products Separator


Highly Efficient Separation



Exceptionally High Surface Area



Coalescing Medium Never Needs Replacement

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Removal of Liquid Water

Fundamental to successful operation of a compressed air system

Liquid water causes corrosion of pneumatic tools, instruments and machinery. The resulting cost of replacing, and/or repairing equipment, coupled with the corresponding downtime, can be eliminated by taking the first step toward moisture removal: efficient separation.


Two basic methods exist for separating liquid water from compressed air: baffle or centrifugal separators and coalescing filters. Each type of design poses the distinct problems of inefficiency or high cost.


The Best of Both Worlds

Sahara Air Products Separator Drawing

The unique design of the SAHARA coalescing separator combines the simplicity and efficiency of both separation methods into one product that performs in a class by itself. Instead of using baffles or costly replaceable filter elements, SAHARA utilizes a highly efficient stainless steel mesh pad as the coalescing medium.


Because of its exceptionally high surface area, it will never need replacement; yet will continue to deliver the same coalescing effect of expensive replacement filter elements.

Stainless Steel Mesh Pad


Effectiveness and Ease of Maintenance

As wet compressed air enters the SAHARA coalescing separator, it comes in contact with the dense pad. Water droplets, as well as any other aerosols, are intercepted by the pad and forced to coalesce.


As the droplets grow in size and weight, gravity pulls them down to the collection area at the bottom of the separator. The liquid that accumulates can then be drained through a bottom connection. Unlike centrifugal type separators, our mesh pad separator remains highly efficient over varying flow rates.


Benefits of Sahara's Separator