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T Series Heatless Air Dryer

No CFC's

Real World Performance


SAHARA's T Heatless regenerative air dryer is the most reliable dryer ever built. Since this unit requires neither heaters nor blowers, it is inherently more trouble-free than any heat-reactivated dryer.


Gravity is a powerful force and the T Heatless dryer has been specifically designed to fully utilize the force of gravity to optimize dryer performance. With a wet air inlet at the bottom of the dryer, water and oil droplets are concentrated at the bottom of the desiccant bed. During downflow depressurization and regeneration, the power of gravity helps pull the water and oil out of the dryer.


Upflow Drying/Packed Bed


In the real world, air demand fluctuates. Sometimes compressors are turned off on Friday. Over the weekend, your air system loses pressure. Turn on the compressors Monday morning and the velocity through a dryer is high enough to pulverize the desiccant. Competitors tell you to slowly pressurize the system to avoid desiccant fluidization. Right.

At SAHARA, we designed the T Heatless to operate in the real world. Packed desiccant beds allow the T to operate at 0 to 100% flow; full line pressure or no line pressure. You don’t have a problem downstream with a SAHARA T Heatless.


Heat of Adsorption


All dryer manufacturers make claims about dryer efficiency. Everyone talks about the esoteric theories of heat of adsorption, some even give you obscure formulae. In the real world, what counts is the bottom line and that’s performance. The T Heatless air dryer gives you the specified dew point with the minimum amount of purge. Guaranteed.


Programmable Logic Controller


Our standard exclusive control system for the T Series Heatless air dryer provides added performance, versatility, and control using the Micrologix Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with an Allen-Bradley PanelView operator interface.




Heatless dryers are by nature noisy. Every few minutes, the valves shift and one tower depressurizes. There’s no way you can disguise this blast of air. We understand the concern about noise levels in the workplace and provide mufflers that are specifically designed for dryer service. In the real world, mufflers eventually get clogged up with desiccant dust, reducing the efficiency of the dryer. The T Heatless air dryer is equipped with a failure-to-depressurize alarm that will alert you to change your mufflers and/or check for valve leakage. You get better performance and a quieter environment.




One of the reasons dryers are purchased is to help pneumatic valves work properly downstream; but what about the valves on the dryer? They shift every few minutes and often see wet, oily air. Making the valves on the dryer perform consistently is one of the toughest tasks faced by a dryer manufacturer. We use the knowledge gained during the past 40 years to design and utilize the most reliable valves possible. In the real world, we know that components fail; usually on the weekend when you’ve got much better things planned. We understand this and designed the T Series to utilize the most reliable valves on any dryer in the world. Switching valves are 2-way diaphragm actuated globe valves up to 2” and high performance individually actuated butterfly valves which provide bubble-tight shut-off for optimum efficiency for 3” and larger line sizes.


Peace of Mind


In the real world, nothing works forever and nothing lasts forever. The T Heatless air dryer comes pretty close. While we can’t promise that nothing will ever fail, we will work together to keep your plant air system up and running. At SAHARA we understand that our business relationship is a partnership. Minimum downtime, minimum cost, for maximum benefits. Giving you peace of mind. We know your time is valuable; spend it with your family, not servicing a dryer.


The operating cost of the T Series Heatless is discussed in Part 7 of our "Economics of Air Drying" article.


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