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Sahara Air Products

T Series Heatless Air Dryer

Integral Components


Purge flow for regeneration is controlled by a pre-set fixed orifice, allowing precise measurement of the purge flow.


An electronic, adjustable controller provides for reliable tower switching.


If power failure should occur on ANY of our dryer units, the offline tower will repressurize and the online tower will continue to dry full flow air. Our units, unlike many competitors’ dryers, DO NOT BLOW DOWN and stop the drying cycle in the event of power failure.


The unique design of our pressure vessels prevents desiccant fluidization in normal or upset conditions. Optimum design of a heatless dryer has downflow regeneration. We all know that gravity is a powerful force. Our Heatless dryers use the power of gravity to optimize purge air loss and assist in depressurization and regeneration. Some other dryer manufacturers don’t use downflow regeneration because their vessel design allows fluidization during the drying process. Our unique standpipe packed bed design prevents fluidization during normal operation, as well as under upset conditions. We provide a completely packed bed so there’s nowhere for desiccant to go. As the desiccant ages over time, the additional volume in the standpipe keeps the tower completely full and packed. Doing little things like this makes the entire system more reliable and efficient.


A particulate afterfilter is provided as a standard, integral part of the dryer system (through Model T-75). Pilot air is tapped off of the outlet side of this filter to provide clean control air. The Model T-100 and larger are equipped with a pilot air filter to provide clean control air.


Each dryer is factory tested and is ready for installation.


Standard Features


  • Eliminates costly installation charges; all components are pre-piped and pre-wired
  • Minimizes potential for wear and mechanical failure
  • Lower initial cost than other regenerative dryer designs
  • Available in capacities from 7 SCFM to 12,000 SCFM
  • Design delivers pressure dew points from -40F to -100F, depending on your operating conditions and requirements
  • Reduced noise level; dryer meets OSHA noise regulations with weighted average of 85 dBA
  • NEMA 4 electrical construction (indoor)
  • Low pressure drop; excess pressure drop costs money. We design our complete system to keep pressure drop low.
  • PLC operation


Switching Valves


  • Reliable 2-way
  • Rated bubble-tight shutoff
  • Non-lubricated
  • Fire safe
  • Standard butterfly valve actuation is good for 0F to 225F (-17.78°C to 107.22°C) ambient temperatures. For lower temperatures, consult Henderson Engineering.
  • 2" & smaller: Diaphragm actuated glove valves with position indicator
  • 3" & larger: High performance butterfly valves with stainless steel internals & reinforced teflon seat




  • Standard electrical construction is NEMA 4 (indoor)
  • Other NEMA classes are available
  • UL fabricated panels are available
  • 4-minute or 8-minute time cycle
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