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T Series Heatless Air Dryer




Gravity is a powerful force. The T Series Heatless air dryer has been specifically designed to fully utilize the force of gravity to optimize dryer performance. With a wet air inlet at the bottom of the dryer, water and oil droplets are concentrated at the bottom of the desiccant bed. During downflow depressurization and regeneration, the power of gravity helps pull the water and oil out of the dryer.


Only two types of switching valves are used. All valves 2” and smaller are Y angled globe valves with a diaphragm actuator. This design permits higher flows at lower pressure drops than any comparable valve. A separate chamber protects the diaphragm without disrupting service or removing the valve from the dryer.


Preformed, stress relieved diaphragms minimize fatigue, maximize valve responsiveness, and diaphragm life. Standard valve materials are cast iron body with stainless steel and brass internals.


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Valves 3” and larger are high performance butterfly valves. A patented axially pliant seat flexes against the sealing edge of the disc when the valve is closed. This design assures bubble tight shutoff. Made of PTFE with a unique pliant membrane, the bi-directional, self and pressure activated seat returns to it original shape with every opening of the valve because the pliant membrane causes constant restorative forces to act on the seat member. The eccentrically mounted disc is offset, which provides for an uninterrupted, 360° seal.


Check valves are one of the biggest problems with competitive heatless dryers. Our check valves have several unique features to increase performance and reliability. Check valves through 2” are a spring loaded ball cone style valve. This design has the advantages of bubble tight shutoff and does not require radial alignment. The straight through design is streamlined for a minimum change in velocity and also minimizes pressure drop.


The spring loading allows for fast sealing. The valve body is bronze, the ball is glass filled TFE with a 316 stainless steel spring.


Valves 3” and larger are double door spring checks. This design has a cast iron body with aluminum internals. The wafer has a silicone seal for outstanding durability and performance. 304 stainless steel springs provide fast sealing.


Solenoid valves have aluminum bodies with stainless steel internals. The orifice seat is machined as part of the body, guaranteeing leak-proof internal structure and has a buna seal for additional protection. The low wattage coil results in less current drain and is rated for NEMA 4 and by UL.


Upflow drying design allows the dryer to operate under adverse, real world conditions. Slugs of water or oil stay on the bottom of the bed and are easier to regenerate off. Our unique standpipe design prevents desiccant fluidization, even under upset conditions.


Non-lubricated switching valves are proven reliable. Only 4 switching valves, each controlled by an independent solenoid. Very few moving parts, very simple design. Low pressure drop, soft seats, easy to maintain.


Only 2 check valves. Enhanced reliability and improved performance.


ASME Code pressure vessels are standard.


Pressure gauge on each tower.


Relief valves on each tower.


Fixed orifice purge rate, calibrated for your flow. Easy to change, impossible to go out of adjustment or shut-off.


Afterfilter included on Model T-75 (375 SCFM and smaller). Prefilters and afterfilters mounted on dryer for nominal charge on all other models.


The mufflers used have been proven by years of use in thousands of dryers. The muffler design meets all of the requirements for OSHA regarding noise control. The muffler is constructed with an expansion chamber completely free of obstructions from which the exhaust air, at reduced velocity is softly dispersed through the openings of the perforated cylinder wall of the muffler; free of noise and providing complete protection to personnel from injurious air blast. Constructed entirely of corrosion resistant material for maintenance-free performance.


Minimum periodic maintenance keeps the dryer operating like new.