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T Series Heatless Air Dryer

Theory of Operation



Wet compressed air enters the dryer at the bottom and is directed by non-lubricated switching valves into the drying tower. The wet air encounters dry desiccant and moisture is transferred from the air to the desiccant. The direction of air flow during drying is upflow; design of the towers prevents fluidization of the desiccant.


At the top of the dryer, the dry process air is directed to the outlet of the dryer through check valves. Approximately 15% of the dry air is directed into the regenerating tower where it is depressurized to atmospheric pressure and is used to regenerate the desiccant. After removing moisture from the desiccant, the purge air exits the dryer through a muffler and is blown out to atmosphere.


After a preset time, or based on the optional Dew Point Demand System, the dryer will shift towers. At tower shift, the regenerating tower is gradually repressurized, the switching valves shift and the offstream tower is depressurized.

Flow Schematic for T-150 and below with diaphragm valves Acrobat icon Get Adobe Reader

Flow schematic for T-150 and below with diaphragm valves



T Series Heatless Drawing - Side View T Series Heatless Drawing - Top View T Heatless Specifications Chart

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